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The SICE 696 is a high quality motor operated wheel balancer out of Italy.  The 696 is a highly sophisticated wheel balancer for a commercial store.
The balancer has all of the optimization and hidden weight programs that are standard in the SICE range but requires manual input of all data.

The S696 includes as standard SCT adapter clamping accessory valued at $2,200 enabling balancing of all 8 and 10 stud wheels.

The S696 has automatic rim width and distance input and automatic hood start.

All SICE truck balancers also include wheel lifters as standard.

SICE truck balancers can be calibrated at any time over the phone with Jonair free of charge.

•    Computerised wheel balancer with 17” LCD monitor and wheel lift for truck, bus, car and van wheels

•    Automatic acquisition of rim diameter and distance data

•    Automatic acquisition of unbalance with just one wheel spin with both static and dynamic programs

•    Max. wheel diameter 1320 mm (52”)

•    Max. rim diameter 28”

•    Max. rim width 20”

•    Max. wheel weight 200 Kg

•    Wheel lifter capacity 200 Kg

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