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The SICE S63 Wheel balancer is capable of balancing wheels up to 37” in total diameter. It contains a robust motor and the ability to use rim gauges for automatic input of rim width, distance from the machine and diameter, as well as having the ability to enter all data in the unlikely event of a failure. The S63 does not contain extensive PC boards or graphics cards which do not have a tendency to withstand the rigors of extensive use in Australian conditions. The balancer contains 11 balancing modes including wheel weight optimization for weight reduction. As well as weight placement programs dictated by the main data arm, avoiding unnecessary “guessing” of the weight position as seen on other machines.
The customer can request that weights are split and using the “hidden weight program,” the operator has the ability to hide the weights behind a wheels spokes to give the customer a clean look.

The S63 includes cone only kits to avoid using finger adapters and has a built in reverse mount spring so the operator will never lose the ability to reverse mount a rim.

The S63 comes with a standard calibration jig, enabling any store to accurately calibrate their machine over the phone with Jonair at any time over the course of its usable life free of charge

Interlocked wheel guard as standard.

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