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The S560 is a universal truck, tractor, earthmover tyre changing machine that is only suitable for the largest stores using heavy earthmover type rims and heavy tractor type on a constant basis. It is also suitable for remote and regional stores that require their machine has the ability to comfortably change virtually any tyre that comes into the store. Although the S54A will also be suitable for virtually all operations, the S560 is the top level and that is reflected in the cost. The machine is fully automatic and includes all safety features of the S54A plus automatic rotation, automatic tilting of the bead breaking head, dual carriage and dual speed hydraulic pump operation.

This machine has been used in mining operations as a preferred machine for many large operators for the past 8 years.

Jonair always carry a complete range of spare parts for the S560 and can diagnose any problem over the phone free of charge.

Expected downtime for failure is minimal, the machines are very robust.

Expected lifetime is 10 - 15 years as primary machine with correct operation by trained operators and regular servicing but have been known to still be running after 20 years of service in high volume stores.

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