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Universal super-automatic tyre-changer for rims up to 28”
Tyre changer suitable for all car wheels, enables the user to mount and demount any type of tyre currently available on the international market, from standard to sport tyres, from low profile tyres to special UHP and “run flat” such as: Good-Year RunOnFlat, Pirelli Eufori@, Bridgestone RFT, Michelin ZP, Continental SSR, Dunlop DSST.

Axial mounting turntable allows quick, secure wheel clamping and bead breaking on both sides with no need to turn the wheel over (wheel is clamped on the machine just once).

The same working movements in the demounting procedure, but absolutely no effort is required from the operator thanks to the “LEVER-LESS” technology incorporated in the tools head (Patented). The mounting procedure is exactly as before, and just as quick and convenient. Mounting and demounting operations benefit from the simple traditional procedure complemented by innovative solutions such as the double bead breaker and spindle wheel clamping.

Dynamic bead breaking device with double specular bead breaker disk. The radial disk positioning is made easier by an automatism that prevent any manual positioning by the operator. • New controlled penetration system gives effective bead breaking on the most difficult wheels (Patent Pending). • Simultaneous use of upper bread breaker (using as an extra bead presser) and the tools head for easier tyre mounting.

Ergonomic wheel lift, supplied as standard, allows easy positioning off all wheels on turntable. The pedal unit allows the operator to always work in the same position when operating the wheel lift. • Machine working height designed for perfect ergonomics with all kind of wheels.

“lP system” (lncreased Power system): speed rotation of the turntable automatically adjustable
Pneumatic tilting column

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