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SICE S43GP + PT250

Automatic Passenger Tyre Changer Run Flat Compatible

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 S43GP +PT250 Automatic car tyre changer Made in Italy


  •        11”-22” outside clamping
  •        Automatic tyre changer with pneumatic tilting back post
  •        Simultaneous pneumatic horizontal and vertical arm locking
  •        Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the turntable through electric motor 2 speed (1 Ph moto inverter)
  •        Double acting bead breaker cylinder
  •        Pneumatic built-in safety valve (CE norms)
  •        Pressure regulator with water filter and lubricator

Equipped with:

  •        Quick tyre inflation bead blaster operated by a foot-pedal
  •        Rear air tank to CE standards, for rapid bead insertion on tubeless wheels, using a jet of air from the clamps
  •        Pressure readout unit with pressure release button
  •        Bead lifting/pressing device, PT 250, (patented SICE) to facilitate the operator’s job when working even on the most difficult sport wheels, low profile and certified Run Flat tyres.
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